Forwarded to me by Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky, this posting on tumblr, with:

She: What’s the boy word for slut?

He: hey still haven’t come up with one yet. But I’m sure they’re working on it.

The issue has often been taken up by feminist critics.

Here’s the problem: English has several terms to refer to a sexually promiscuous woman — of which slut is the primary one — and they are all condemnatory, but terms for sexually promiscuous men (Don Juan, hound dog) are generally either neutral or even celebratory in tone.

Check my posting of 5/29/11 on “sluts”, about the phenomenon of SlutWalks, which are both demonstrations against sexual violence and attempts to reclaim the label slut.

3 Responses to “Sluts”

  1. JackH Says:

    I don’t think of “slut” as applying exclusively to women. I have heard it applied to men as often as to women.

  2. JackH Says:

    I have heard it applied to straight guys, but they were straight guys who knew lots of gay guys (fellow chorus members).

    I don’t think I’ve been in a “gay” chorus that didn’t have straight members, or a not-gay-identified chorus that didn’t have gay members in addition to me. It’s a special circumstance, no doubt.

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