In brief: vaguebooking

On my Facebook feed a few days ago, a posting that was incomprehensible because it lacked context that the poster clearly assumed. I asked about this, and friends explained that this was a form of vaguebooking (nice portmanteau). Urban Dictionary entries suggest that vaguebooking can have several sources: in particular, it could be a posting that was intended to be part of a private exchange but got sent to some people not part of the exchange (as, it turned out, in this case), or it could be a deliberate (passive-aggressive) scheme to get people to comment. A third possibility: it could be from someone who posts the equivalent of brief diary entries, assuming (inconsiderately) that readers will be following the thread in detail:

Turns out that there’s also fauxbooking, fakebooking, and who knows how many other Facebook portmanteaus.

Update: It seems that the posting that inspired this posting was not vaguebooking, but merely a brief comment expressing a personal opinion of the poster’s, which came to me without context from Facebook.

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  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    A particularly hazardous activity is shitfacebooking.

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