The meta-Zippy

Today’s Zippy, which could easily give you a headache, and might upset your digestion as well:

This goes beyond Griffy and Zippy reflecting, in a comic strip, on their being comic strip characters, as they have in earlier strips. This time they’re reflecting on their being characters in meta-comics — reflecting on being characters who reflect on being characters in a comic strip. And so on, vertiginously.

While Griffy is being worn out by this exercise, Zippy is discovering, on the comics pages of his newspaper, what he’s about to do in the strip he’s in. This involves a technical term of cartooning, the sweat take, which Zippy is then depicted as executing in textbook fashion.

Griffy, meanwhile, has moved on to semiotic pizza — enough of a puzzle to give anyone pause — and deconstructing it. Which seems to make Zippy sick to his stomach. What a long strange trip it’s been, even without figuring out how Hegel comes into things (beyond being the vehicle for a rhyme with bagel). But wait: bagels? Are they a Hegelian synthesis of pizza and not-pizza, or what?


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  1. Randy Alexander Says:

    Hegel’s bagels brings to mind the long strange trip that Jimson weed (aka “hell’s bells”) might set one on. Undoubtedly some indigestion there as well.

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