A family thing

Today’s Daily Jocks ad (for Marcuse swimwear, showing a model in the very low-rise line of swim briefs Jagger, in the color Ivory), and another model in the same swim briefs, plus a caption:



Both in their Marcuse Jaggers in Ivory, the
Spare intellectual end of extreme low-rise
Swim briefs, Mick and his brother Keith would
Troll the surf together for cute boys to
Double-team while disputing political economy
With them – the Jaggeds bewitched the pups with the
Smell of their sweat, the feel of their tight
Muscular bodies, and the
Acuity of their reasoning.

(Possibly relevant linguistic fact: there is a verb jag ‘stab, pierce, prick’, with a derived agent noun jagger.)

(Brothers Mick and Keith Jagged use a combination of heady sweat/muscles and acute reasoning to bring boys to their knees in sexual submission, just as Monty Python’s brothers Doug and Dinsdale Piranha used a combination of violence and sarcasm to intimidate the London underworld and bring the city to its knees.)

We lack helpful tattoos to distinguish the men, who are otherwise pretty similar. Different hair, different beards, but these are easily altered. However, Mick’s torso seems to be longer and his pecs bigger, and Keith’s inguinal crease looks much more pronounced, so I’ve given them different names.

The DJ ad copy:

New Marcuse Swimwear + Underwear have arrived. Explore new low-rise styles including Brave [has an Indian brave on the front panel], Rider [has wild horses on the pouch and rear panel], and Patrol [has a badge on the front panel].

Ouch on the “Indian brave”. Older styles (still available) include Jagger, Sunset, Flash, Vamper, Ibiza, Champion.

Here’s a different model in Rider, front and rear:



Omigod! There are
Wild horses stampeding
On my dick and ass!

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  1. Mike Says:

    Wild, wild horses… Couldn’t drag me awaaaaay…

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