Nursery songs

Last week’s report from my grand-daughter’s school, from a student in a lower elementary class:

In art we worked on making flowers with all kinds of tints and shades of colors. For music we sang “Frereshanka” and played instruments such as trumpet, trombone and baritone.

It took me a second or so to recognize that “Frereshanka” was “Frère Jacques”.

When I mentioned this at breakfast yesterday, my grand-daughter was impelled to sing the nursery song. It’s a powerful earworm. And endless, if you sing it as a round.



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  1. ogerard Says:

    And you can add it is a good singing exercise for all ages is you sing it as a canon in two, three or four voices as it is customary, and softly as a lullaby/berceuse/wiegenlied, and an introduction to other languages such as german (Bruder Jakob).

    Frereshanka looks a bit like a japanese translitteration: furerushakou

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