The 4:33 project

From Ned Deily’s Facebook page:

Alex Ross [“The Rest Is Noise: 4’33” playlist (Rabbit Fur Coat Berceuse)”, here] passes along a suggestion to celebrate John Cage’s birth by making a 4’33” playlist from one’s music collection. His has 23 items. I find 46 in mine. We have 3 tracks in common: the Donovan, the Elgar cello concerto movement, and the Verdi “Otello” excerpt – all from classic recordings.

I have 45 in mine, seen here in two screen shots, part 1 and part 2 (click on each image to embiggen it):

I haven’t yet played them as a set, though it looks like I have an entertaining 3.4 hours in store for me.

(Mostly I’m posting this as a test of my new-found ability to create these screen shots, so I can now post the iTunes playlists I talk about on occasion.)

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