Monday quartet

Four cartoons today: a Dilbert, a Bizarro, a Mother Goose and Grimm, and a Scenes from the Multiverse:

The Dilbert, on word choice:


Two things: what’s sometimes called thesaurizing, choosing “high-level” vocabulary; and understanding analogies.

The Bizarro:


The dangers of texting while walking. (Yes, the cartoon is packed with Piraro icons.)

The MGG, playing on the ambiguity of lie:


And the Multiverse, ostensibly about Oreos, meanwhile introducing amazing phrases like dog felching and intrauterine sibling cannibalism:


One Response to “Monday quartet”

  1. Michael Vnuk Says:

    Intrauterine cannibalism has been reported from a variety of animals, eg some sharks and fish (see Wikipedia under ‘Cannibalism (zoology)’). Since only siblings can be eaten in the uterus, the word ‘sibling’ is probably redundant.

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