Hydrangeal matters

Kim Darnell reported to me this morning that while walking her dogs she’d come across a hydrangea garden with one variety she’d never seen before. With a bit of effort, I identified it as the ‘lacecap’ variety of the bigleaf, or snowball, hydrangea, Hydrangea macrophylla:

(#1) Floral fireworks!

While searching for lacecap images, I stumbled on something even more remarkable: hydrangea cakes.

A display of cakes, from the Southern Living site, “Please Make Me These Hydrangea Cakes” by Steve Bender:


Bender writes:

Hydrangea cakes are the brainchild of Elizabeth LaBau, pastry chef and author of the popular food blog and website, SugarHero. She specializes in creating beautiful, colorful, and delicious baked desserts

If you’re going to make your own — Bender ostentatiously is not — you’ll need cake ingredients, buttercream, a piping bag, and gel food coloring.

A cake cut open for consumption:


A note on food coloring. I don’t know about the gel food coloring that Elizabeth LaBau uses, but the food coloring in the rainbow cupcakes that I reported on in my Pride posting of the 23rd (#1 and #2 there) is powerful stuff. I wasn’t entirely prepared for the Green Bathroom Surprise.

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