The many faces of male friendship

From the someecard folks, three takes on male friendship.

One on defiant, swaggering companionship:

One on supportive friendship:

(Dildos and anal intercourse illustrated in many places on my X Blog.) Hey, whatever works for your buddy.

And one on the main man + sidekick relationship:

Here we see the end of a long development of the word bitch, from its use for female dogs to its use as an offensive slur for women to a network of extended uses, including this one, which Green’s Dictionary of Slang characterizes as ‘a subservient person, a servant’ (with cites beginning in 1991, including internet uses of “I’m not your bitch!”).

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Terry Bartlett on Facebook:

    Hmm… pink vs. blue. Gender stereotypes for the win!

    I hadn’t thought about the choice of background color — it looks like the someecard people rotate through a set of these colors — but there might be something going on there. The fops in the first card, the stereotypical Construction Worker (as in the Village People) in the second could both be seen as gay icons, though of different types, with pink representing femininity and effeminacy (while the blue in the third might represent boyish masculinity).

    Of course, it’s easy to over-interpret.

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