Surrender to autocorrect

A Mike Gruhn WebDonuts cartoon, with autocorrect in skywriting:

As seen in the Wizard of Oh.

WebDonuts: Online Cartoons Made Fresh by Gruhn

(Hat tip to Michael Palmer.)

From the website:

Mike Gruhn is originally from a small town in Arizona. After years of being surrounded by the desert heat and unusual friends, he developed a unique sense of humor that he now uses to create the single panel clean cartoons known as WebDonuts.

Gruhn’s love for funny cartoons started with Sad Sack comics at the barber shop and reading the comics in the local newspaper he delivered for 5 years on his Schwinn bicycle (with the banana seat).

Gruhn moved to Texas in 1985, fulfilling his dream of moving to a large state.  After years of working and raising kids, his family encouraged him to start posting free cartoons in 2007… WebDonuts now appears in many weekly newspapers around the country.

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