God’s Grammar Cactus

Found via the net, this cartoon:

Inflectional morphology and (somewhat absurdly) social context.

The strip is called Gods of the Moon, whose author has a website that says

I am currently a journalism student sitting in a classroom learning about WordPress blogs…

but offers no name that I can find. I think the name on the strip is Jesse Tampau, but I have trouble reading it and can’t find anything under that name.

4 Responses to “God’s Grammar Cactus”

  1. Gwayrav Says:

    Jesse Tahirali

  2. David Johnson Says:

    The name looks more like Jesse Tahirali when I compare it to the letters of the web site on the right hand side.

    Also, the name is clearer on this cartoon.

  3. arnold zwicky Says:

    Thanks to two commenters for identifying the cartoonist as Jesse Tahirili. Now from Ned Deily on Facebook, a note that he has a Twitter account and his own webpage, where he writes:

    The latest from Jesse Tahirali (@JesseTahirali). Now I’m a journalism student back at Western University. London, Ontario

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