All I want for XXXmas

… is you in your homowear. I just want you for my own / More than you could ever know.

From Daily Jocks ads of the season: Boy offers himself, in his Cellblock 13 Covert jock and harness, to serve his Master; and SeksiMatti lowers his Helsinki Athletica shorts to make his jockstrap-framed pygian orbs available for use.

(A dip into gay male fetish-land, with bdsm, and puppy play as well; and then into the sexual display of the male body, especially the buttocks — so not for kids or the sexually modest, though there will be an entirely innocent digression into the self-deprecating Finnish cartoon character Matti.)

(Apologies to Mariah Carey.)

Boy on the 11th. This Daily Jocks ad, notable for several reasons:


chain mail ringing his
vulnerable neck, black
leather strapped on his wrist,
hard shell encasing the
sweet treasures of his
maleness, Boy stands
ready to serve

DJ’s copy on the jock, from my 11/18/19 posting “HardSoft”:

Introducing the Covert collection by [fantasy homowear company] CellBlock13: This jockstrap features a snap off pouch made of luxuriously smooth coated PU [polyurethane] that showcases your goods just right, and extra-soft fleece w/ u-bulge on the inside will feel great against your package. Available in Red, Blue & Khaki.

On the model, known here only as Boy: he’s lean and fit, pleasant to view, but — in contrast to virtually all the other nCellblock 13 models — he has unremarkable biceps, pecs, and abs. Sweet rather than imposing or fierce.

And on the accessories he’s wearing, which code him as a submissive or slave in bdsm play: the chainmail necklace, a common alternative to a straightforward slave collar (and therefore wearable in public without exciting the notice of people outside the scene); and black leather wristbands / bracelets worn on the right (the receptive or submissive) side. Neither of these accessories is available for sale on the DJ site or the Cellblock 13 site, nor do they seem to appear in other Cellblock 13 ads, so they’re quite striking.

Boy in harness. Boy, however, has appeared in at least one other Cellblock 13 promotion — in a different submissive role, as a (figurative) servile dog. (Come, Boy, come!) From the Men and Underwear site on 10/7/19, in “Kennel Club jocks and harnesses by Cellblock13 launch at”:


… The Cellblock 13 Kennel line is yet another collection of fetish wear meets athletic. This collection gets inspired and appeals to fans of Pup Play or those who want to try it.

… The waistband [of the Cellblock 13 Kennel Jockstrap] is elasticated featuring a raised silicone puppy patch front and centre. The brand name appears only on the leg straps, leaving all the rest of the design free from logos and letters. The jocks come in four colour options: black with white, black with green, black with red and black with blue. You can match these jocks with the Cellblock 13 Kennel Harness, sold separately.

The fetish wear in #2 is a symbolic allusion to puppy play, but without most of the trappings of the scene. From my 10/7/13 posting “Puppy play”:

(#3) Master and his dog at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco

there’s a broad range of puppy play, all involving submission, but ranging from affectionate and playful relationships between dog and master, to frank abuse and humiliation (gratefully accepted).

The gear involved is minimally a collar and harness, and usually a leash, but there can be other restraints, knee pads, fist mitts, hoods, cages, and dog bowls.

SeksiMatti on the 16th. Yesterday’s DJ ad is for Helsinki Athletica, which does indeed offer (well-designed) sportswear for men, but with a decidedly homo tilt, as here:


sex canyon of
Helsinki, Matti:
available on
guesthouse landing
daily, noon to 2

his warm welcome, deep blue
jockstrap, and rock-hard
buttocks are famed
Finnish treasures

DJ’s copy on the company:

Helsinki Athletica focuses on bold European styling, quality fabric and sexy design, emphasising the male physique.

The company’s ads tend to focus on the phallic rather than the pygian endowments of their models, but then we have a Matti — an instance of the type SeksiMatti, embodying Finnish male hunkiness — with his amazingly muscular glutes (as well as impressive back muscles). Unsurprisingly, SeksiMattis are muscular all over; here’s one modeling Helsinki Athletica’s Kasper Jogger, displaying biceps, pecs, and abs — plus of course the bulge:


Names. From Wikipedia:

Matti is a given name, originated from the Hebrew Mattityahu, meaning “gift of God”. It is a popular Finnish version of Matthew

So popular that it can be used as a name for EveryFinn, as in the charming Finnish Nightmares comics and books:

(#6) One of the books; webcomic here

(#7) Book synopsis

(#8) Matti himself; among other things, he very much doesn’t want to stand out

Then there’s SeksiMatti, who is flagrantly not the stereotypical Finn.

Seksi Matti is a N + N compound in Finnish (which I came up with on my own, knowing the Finnish noun seksi ‘sexual activity, sexual intercourse’, but which has been adopted independently as a handle by several Finns on the net). seksi is based on English sexy, but it’s a noun; and like borrowings into Finnish from other languages in general, it’s spelled according to the values of letters in Finnish orthography, not according to the spelling in the donor language (so Greek/Latin philosophia ‘philosophy’ is borrowed into Finnish as filosofia).

(Note: I don’t actually speak any Finnish; I just have a linguist’s knowledge about assorted bits of the language.)

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