Pink Freud

A puntertaining Pink Freud poster came by on Facebook this morning — the ultimate source isn’t important, because (as it turns out) there are just so many of these things around. Here are three, starting with a simple number:

Then two with phallic symbols. The first is a pink variant of the famous Freud-with-cigar photo, with caption added (this was the version I saw on Facebook). The second is a doctored Freud-with-hotdog version:

There are any number of bands — rock bands, jazz bands, who knows what else — that have adopted the name Pink Freud.

In the other direction, there is at least Sigmund Floyd, “South Florida’s premier Pink Floyd Band”.

Over on AZBlogX, I recently started a series of phallicity postings, beginning, as it happens, with Würste (recall the “sausage party” postings here), with the racier stuff still to come. So it was a pleasure to come across Pink Freud holding his hotdog.

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