The Church of Cheese

Thursday’s Pearls Before Swine:

Spreading the Gospel.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Notice that I don’t always explain what’s going on in a strip; in this case, I’ve left the gouda news without an explanation, though (as usual) the phrase calls on considerable background knowledge.

    Now do I always explain my own comments — in this case, where spreading the gospel comes from.

    If a reader has trouble with either of these, I am of course willing to elucidate here. But occasionally I like to leave a strip and my response as little puzzles to be solved.

    • Robert Coren Says:

      I’m sure, tangentially, that you can explain today’s Bizarro, which was opaque to me. (I know who the characters are, of course, but I don’t get the thing about the horses.)

      • arnold zwicky Says:

        The Scarecrow is speaking. The Scarecrow is stuffed with straw. Straw used to be fed to horses as a substitute for hay; straw has no nutritive value, but it serves as bulk fodder, which horses need for digestive health.

        So the Scarecrow is afraid of being eaten.

      • Robert Coren Says:

        Oh. Duh.

  2. Susan Oathes Says:

    Look at the scarecrow’s left arm.

  3. Carolyn Hoover Says:

    How can I obtain a copy of this to frame. This is my all time favorite laugh!

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