Madison Bumgarner

(Minimal linguistic interest, but highly topical.)

WordPress reports that the most-viewed posting on this blog during the past week was one on actor Channing Tatum, which has been top-ranked for a long time, thanks to searches for photos of Tatum shirtless and barely clothed. But now my posting “Baseball days” of 7/21/13 has leapt into second place — plenty of shirtless San Francisco Giants, and more — as the Giants prepare for game 6 of the current World Series (today) with the Kansas City Royals, after a stunning performance, a shutout, on Sunday by pitcher Madison Bumgarner.

From WaPo on Sunday’s game:

The Giants moved one victory away from their third World Series in five seasons Sunday night with a 5-0 victory over the Kansas City Royals, a game Bumgarner clutched in a stranglehold for all nine innings he occupied the center of the diamond.

Alas, no usable shirtless photos of the man that I could find, but here’s one of him in action on the mound:

(Bumgarner gets a mention in “Baseball days”, but only by virtue of a reference to a piece of RPF (real-person fiction) linking him sexually with Giants teammate Buster Posey.)

On the man, from Wikipedia:

Madison Kyle Bumgarner (born August 1, 1989 [in Hickory NC]), nicknamed “MadBum”, but prefers the nickname “Big Country” over all his nicknames, is an American professional baseball starting pitcher with the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball. Bumgarner is listed as 6 feet 5 inches … and 235 pounds

a seriously big man, intensely focused, wonderful to watch in action.

On to game 6!

[Added October 31st: game 6 was a disaster for the Giants, so the series was tied. And then game 7, which eventually reached a 2-2 tie, and Bumgarner was called back in to pitch — which he did for five innings of steely, scoreless, resolve, and in the last inning San Francisco brought in one more run, to win the game. Wow.]

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