June Brides

That’s the title of the current (June 25th) New Yorker cover art, which celebrates both June as the month of weddings and June as Pride Month:

Art by Gayle Kabaker, in her first appearance in The New Yorker.

An addition to the covers in my “More gay flag” posting (by Bob Staake and Robert Crumb).

Notice that the vocabulary of marriage has been carried over to same-sex couples — brides in this case, but all the rest of it as well, as in this cartoon from 1994 — 18 years ago — by Silicon Valley writer Jim Drew:

Drew’s notes:

In 1994, there was a widely publicized woman-woman kiss on “Roseanne”.  Soon after the flak from that died down, the gay male couple on “Northern Exposure” was married — but did not get to kiss on-screen.  By happenstance, the week this cartoon was published (May 17, 1994), a less publicized male-male kiss did make it to television, albeit in a non-sexual situation — and again, it was on “Roseanne”.

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