Today’s Zippy, a meta-cartoon:

On Zippy and Family Circus:

In 1994, the surreal Zippy the Pinhead comic strip made multiple references to the Family Circus, including an extended series during which the titular lead character sought “Th’ Way” to enlightenment from Bil, Thel, Billy, and Jeffy. Bil Keane was credited as “guest cartoonist” on these strips, drawing the characters exactly as they appear in their own strip, but in Zippy’s world as drawn by Zippy creator Bill Griffith. Griffith described the Family Circus as “the last remaining folk art strip.” Griffith said, “It’s supposed to be the epitome of squareness, but it turns the corner into a hip zone.” (link)

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  1. Tané Tachyon Says:

    A couple years back I had The Best American Comics 2008 out from the library, and just loved Lynda Barry’s intro comic about what the Family Circus had meant to her when she was growing up.

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