Ruthie tips cows

In today’s comics feed, this 5/24 One Big Happy strip:


It’s especially charming that Ruthie first thinks of tipping the cow in dollars, then adjusts her scheme to something a cow might actually appreciate (there is such a thing as cattle kibble, by the way).

From my 7/3/17 posting “Getting the comic”, about this Daniel Beyer cartoon:


which turns on an ambiguity in the verb tip: (a) ‘give (someone) a sum of money as a way of rewarding them for their services’ vs. (b) ‘overbalance or cause to overbalance so as to fall or turn over’ (with special reference to overbalancing cows so as to make them fall over, as a puerile American prank); the posting has additional reference to tip (c) ‘provide a small but useful piece of practical advice (to someone)’.

Ruthie in #1 is presumably familiar with the practice of tipping servers in restaurants, but not with the prank of tipping cows in meadows.

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  1. Stewart Kramer Says:

    Based on my investigations on the web, I’ve decided that cattle kibble does not actually exist. I found only 3 relevant hits in the 4 pages of Google results for “cattle kibble”:

    Your posting is currently the #2 hit. (It also accounts for half the results in Google Images, but I don’t see the cartoon with Ruthie, although it’s the only result for image search. The other half are The Hunt Magazine, mentioning cattle and kibble consecutively.)

    Inexplicably, there’s a match on the word “kibble” in a seller’s description of a drawing of horse (not a cow) with a feedbag:
    which repackages this listing:

    Edwin Landseer Draught Horse Eating His Kibble 1870 Antique Art Print Matted

    (Horse kibble gets hits about a simulation game, where they should eat grass or hay, because kibble is too expensive.
    And there’s also an interesting article on surplus horse meat, WW I & II, tin can shortages, and the early kibble industry:
    It’s a bit cynical, but mostly well-written.)

    Finally, there’s one UK dog rescue story, written as if in the dog’s voice (in the 1st grrr-son?), where “cattle kibble” presumably means beef kibble, flavored with or based on beef:

    It took few weeks before I became fully house trained and discovering many delicious foods, I’ve only ever eaten cattle kibble before. It was planned I would only to be here for a short time but now I’ve stopped peeing up the furniture I think they will let me stay.
    Enjoying life a lot better now as you can see from my picture,even though after a trip to the vets I now bark two octaves highe!!!

    Numerous instances of …”cattle. Kibble”… (Kibble as a proper name, or as feed for farm dogs, in the next sentence or phrase), and about 90% junk results (mostly word-salad in search engine optimization results that redirect to unrelated or scam sites and phone-book scrapings). When I do the search in an incognito window, there are only 16 of the results (and has even fewer), but still nothing relevant.

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