Manly St. Patrick

(Men’s bodies, mansex, and sexual fetishes. Not for kids or the sexually modest.)

… given to exposing his ass, interracial mansex, and golden showers. Not your Irish uncle’s saint.

Intro illustration from Chris Ambidge on Facebook (ultimate source not known):

(#1) Shamrock butts on parade

(The young men appear to be wearing thongs, so that they are not strictly speaking exposing themselves.)

Then, more startlingly, the TitanMen sale for St. Patrick’s Day weekend, showing a black man rimming a white man (sale promo code KISSME). Why?

And finally, in the sextoy section of the TitanMen site, a full-scale replica of an erect penis that pisses on command. In chocolate (black), but also vanilla (white) and caramel (brown). Kinky.

The X-rated images are sequestered in a posting on AZBlogX, starting (in #1 there) with the St. Patrick’s ad, with a still from TitanMen’s L.A. Cruising (2017): Micah Brandt (black) rimming Bruce Beckham (white). My caption: Kiss my asshole, I’m Irish.

The sale promo code KISSME and the caption are allusions to the saying “Kiss me, I’m Irish”;  a number of sites relate the catchphrase to the practice of kissing the stone in Blarney Castle, which is said to accord the power of eloquent and persuasive speech. Who knows what benefits might accrue to someone who licks Bruce Beckham’s asshole?

L.A. Cruising (on the TitanMen site), directed by Jasun Mark, features Dakota Rivers, Tristan Jaxx, Tex Davidson, Adam Ramzi, Jeremy Spreadums, and Jacob Durham in addition to Brandt and Beckham. More Brandt and Beckham images on AZBlogX: #2 Beckham fucking Brandt, #3 Brandt returning the favor (notable because TitanMen bills Brandt as “all bottom and proud of it!”), #4 Beckham displaying himself, and #5 Brandt displaying himself.

Cropped versions of #4 and #5:

(#2) Beckham

(#3) Brandt

To fully enjoy the St. Patrick’s holiday, you might consider exploiting the

TitanMen Piss Off With Suction Cup – chocolate [also comes in vanilla and caramel]: Get ready for piss play pleasure! This full-scale replica is designed to look and feel like a true erect penis and it pisses on command thanks to the tropical flavored imitation piss that looks real! The easy-to-use 60ml syringe can be easily refilled with the liquid of your choice.


From AZBlogX:

I’m wary of “tropical flavored imitation piss”: imitation flavors so rarely come close to their natural models. But of course you can supply real piss — or lemonade, tea, white wine, or gin, whatever suits your taste. [For today, think of Guinness, fresh or recycled.]

$39.95 in vanilla, but $46.95 in the more highly valued [insert raised-eyebrow emoji here] chocolate and caramel.

Even if the fantasy speaks to your condition, you might find the product both unreasonably expensive and overly intricate.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Dennis Lewis on Facebook:

    The – uh – “toy” made me think of the Green Acres Christmas episode in which Sam Drucker was selling an artificial tree that squirted fake pine-scented sap – released through a tube running through the center of the “trunk” when someone squeezed a plastic bulb.

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