Flying the flag

Passed on by Ann Burlingham on Facebook, a wonderful story (“In Sleepy Minnesota Suburbs, Church Ladies Launch Gay Marriage Crusade”) from the Atlantic, beginning:

The southwest Minneapolis suburbs of Minnetonka and Eden Prairie bring to mind Garrison Keillor’s tales from Lake Wobegon: They’re lined with well-maintained homes and tree-lined roundabouts, and home to residents of largely German and Scandinavian ancestry. But the ladies of these towns have quietly begun a revolt — one fought with rainbow flags and a Minnesota nice attitude.

Ann connected the story to our experiences in Columbus OH.

She wrote:

I read this and thought of you and the stolen rainbow flags, and the neighbors’ concern and vigilance. Good people.

The big rainbow flag started out hanging from a Norway maple (now defunct, the victim of some blight wiping out the maples in the neighborhood) in front of our house. Then vandals began ripping it down and stealing it, so we moved the flag to a flagpole mounted right by the front door:

Still, the vandalism continued. Eventually, the neighbors became incensed and came to our aid in watching out for the flag, which had become a sort of neighborhood symbol. One neighbor caught a miscreant, a teenage boy, in the act, and chased after him. He cursed her out, and her son, enraged at this treatment of his mother, then lit out after the kid, who he recognized from school. The thefts pretty much came to an end after that, and additional rainbow flags began sprouting up in the neighborhood.

As Ann says, good people.

(Here in Palo Alto, I have a rainbow fish on my front patio.)


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