Sexy olive oil

Ad agencies use both sex and playfulness to sell things; see near-naked Anderson Davis in ads for Kraft’s Zesty Italian salad dressing (here) and lots of naked people (with the naughty bits cleverly concealed) in a funny Richmond ham comercial (here). Now (passed on by several people on Facebook) still more sexy silly food advertising, from Bertolli Olive Oil Australia, in this video.

We get purported model, chef, and author Alfredo Caldo-Freddo (‘heat-cold’), mostly in a skimpy (and backless) apron (so that we get a glimpse of his handsome butt) but sometimes in tight pants, showing off his chest, doing an Italian accent, and jokily hawking three kinds of Bertolli olive oil: Extra Virgin for cold dishes and Classico and extra light for hot dishes.

Two entertaining stills of the character:



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