You can do so many things with dude (links below), great (here), and wow (here and here). And awesome, as in this Bizarro strip:

It all depends on context (with maybe some help from prosody).

Dude on Language Log:

ML, 12/8/04: Dude (link)

ML, 12/8/04: Dude cartoon decoded (link)

EB, 12/9/04: Dude, no way (link)

ML, 12/10/04: Duding out (link)

ML, 12/14/04: Encore une fois, dude (link)

ML, 11/15/09: Dudespeak 2 (link)

ML, 10/9/10: Dude unbound (link)

ML, 11/12/10: “Dude.” (link)

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