Two cartoons from yesterday

From yesterday, a Luann passed on by David Craig on Facebook, and a Basic Instructions passed on by Scott  Meyer, also  on Facebook:



On the wording of ads, and on aggressive humor (in this case, knock-knock jokes).

Earlier postings of these two strips on Language Log:

Luann: ML, 7/15/07: Luann doesn’t read Language Log (link)

Basic Instructions: ML, 9/1/08: The art of the (non-) apology (link)

Notes on the strips:

Luann is a syndicated newspaper comic strip launched by North America Syndicate on March 17, 1985. Luann is written and drawn by Greg Evans, who won the 2003 Reuben Award as Cartoonist of the Year.

… The strip takes place in an unnamed suburban setting and is mostly about teenager Luann DeGroot, dealing with school, her love interests, family and friends (Wikipedia link)

Basic Instructions is a webcomic by artist, comedian and writer Scott Meyer. The comic has been available on LiveJournal since 2003 and on the author’s Web site since 2006.[

… Each comic purports to provide instructions on a “how to” topic seemingly taken from everyday life, such as “How to Lie for Recreational Purposes” or “How to Win at Monopoly Without Losing a Friend”, and then deals with the subject in a frequently perverse or unexpected manner. The characters in the comic are Scott Meyer himself and representations of the people he interacts with on a daily basis, such as his wife, his boss, and his best friend. (Wikipedia link)




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