Mammoth silliness

From the comic strip The Argyle Sweater on the 28th:

Think of types of dogs, and translate that into mammoths. Mammoths are a bit large for some of these activities, but then there’s the oxymoronic toy mammoth.

(Hat tip to Sim Aberson.)

The strip is syndicated by GoComics (here) and has its own website (here), though the website is not particularly informative. But from Wikipedia:

The Argyle Sweater is an American daily comic strip written by Scott Hilburn, a native of Garland, Texas. The strip has been syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate since April 2008.

The comic bears a strong resemblance to Gary Larson’s The Far Side comic, and Hilburn acknowledges this.

(Previous cartoon by Hilburn on this blog: #1 in “Assorted cartoons” of 6/7/14.)

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