I love Moscow with chocolate syrup on top

Today’s politically pointed parodic Zippy:


You might not have recognized the Bosco jingle from the 1950’s, so Bill Griffith has helpfully added a jar of the stuff to the strip.

In my 8/20/17 posting “Pouring it on”, see image #2, with some Bosco syrup basics. And from the Wikipedia entry:


Bosco Chocolate Syrup, at that time called Bosco Milk Amplifier, was heavily advertised on children’s shows during the late 1950s and early 1960s, such as The Popeye Club, a local Atlanta, Georgia program featuring Popeye cartoons, as well as live action sequences. An important feature of many of the television advertisements was the jingle, I love Bosco.

You can watch a 1950s ad, with the jingle, here.

The urtext:

Oh, I love Bosco!
That’s the drink for me!
Chocolate flavored Bosco
Is mighty good for me.
Mommy puts it in my milk
For extra energy.
Bosco gives me iron
And sunshine vitamin D.
Oh, I love Bosco!
That’s the drink for me!

Sing it out, Grabpussy!


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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    Curiously enough, although I’m the right age to know the original Bosco song, this is my first encounter with the actual lyrics, since what I learned from a childhood friend was this parody:

    I hate Bosco, it’s full of TNT,
    Mommy puts in my milk to try to poison me.
    But I fooled Mommy — I put in her tea!
    Now I have no Mommy to try and poison me.

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