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Among the Pages on this site are three sets of lists that are regularly updated:

One is merely labeled Lists; these are collections of postings that are not at root about language (though almost everything I post about has some connection to language): Animal postings, Diner postings, Mammoth postings, Morning names, etc. New items are regularly added to these lists, and occasionally a new list is added (“Morning names” was a fairly recent addition). (“Food postings” was created a little while ago, but at the moment it’s just an empty place-holder; my inventory of postings on food is huge, and it will take quite some time to convert it to an html file.)

Another set is the entries in the “Comics list” on the “Language of comics” Page: A Softer World cartoons, Alison Bechtel cartoons, Andy Singer cartoons, etc. New items are regularly added within these lists, and occasionally a new list is added. SMBC was added yesterday, for postings of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal cartoons.

Finally, there’s a “Linguistics notes” Page, specifically for collections of postings on linguistic topics. The first of these was “Libfix postings”, and three more were added yesterday: Dangler postings, Illusions postings, and Attachment postings (about modifier attachment). There will be more.

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