Meaty puns

NPR’s Morning Edition enlivened its series of stories on meat eating this morning with listeners’ suggestions for a Meat Week Theme Song, all of them puns:

Steak, Waddle, and Roll
Loin on Me
Another One Bites the Duck
Thunder Roast
I’m in a New York Steak of Mind
Liver Let Die
I Wanna Hold Your Ham

The last appeared to be the staff’s favorite, the wurst of the lot.

In other meat-related news, the dreaded foiemageddon looms in California, and my neighborhood sports bar — the Old Pro, a great big space filled with tv screens showing multiple sports events all at once, the screens so positioned that, from wherever you’re sitting, you can see all of the events — which serves food as well as sports, has been offering foie gras specials: sirloin steak topped with foie gras and a foieburger. The idea seems to be to take their best-selling items (it’s a beefy place) and slather foie gras on them. Both combinations are offered by other restaurants in various places, and a Toronto restaurant even offers foie gras poutine (and an apple, cranberry, and cabbage slaw).

Only a few more days in California.


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