Mad Bum

Following on the World Series triumphs of San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner, the Jockey underwear people have taken advantage of his nickname Mad Bum to produce this double entendre underwear:


(Hat tip to Aric Olnes, who failed to snag one of these.)

The story has been widely covered. Here’s the NBC Sports Hardball Talk story, “Jockey gave away “Mad Bum” underwear to Giants fans” by Bill Baer (on October 31st):

Bruce Horovitz of USA TODAY reports that underwear company Jockey handed out 2,000 commemorative pairs of underwear, labeled “Mad Bum” on the backside, to Giants fans at the World Series parade earlier today. The underwear is not for sale, so those that were lucky enough to get a pair now have a piece of history.

Dustin Cohn, CMO of Jockey International, said, “We wanted to provide fans with a fun, eye-catching keepsake in support of Madison’s postseason greatness.” He added, “Madison Bumgarner is one of the all-time postseason greats with a name that’s a perfect fit for the Jockey brand. We’re proud he wears Jockey and congratulate him on a third championship.”

“A name that’s a perfect fit for the Jockey brand” is wonderful.

Meanwhile, tons of Mad Bum t-shirts (with an assortment of slogans on them) have been produced. Here’s the simplest pattern, in a variety of Giants colors:


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