Another Spanish lesson

Left out of my AZBlogX posting of the 19th, “Spanish lessons”, was this item (#11 in the set), decidedly homoerotic but not actually X-rated:

A Daddy-Boy scene, illustrating el papá.

And ornamented with butterflies, symbols of fragility but also showiness, and so pressed into service as symbols of male homosexuality, especially effeminate — swishy, flagrant, and seductive — homosexuality.  Excerpts from Green’s Dictionary of Slang under butterfly, with dates of first cites:

1 an effeminate weakling [1892] 2 (US) an over-dressed, flashy person [1902] 4 (orig. US black) an attractive young woman [1930]   5 (US campus) a flirt [1949] 6 (also butterfly boy) an effeminate male homosexual [1960]

In fact, the Boy above looks satisfactorily submissive (and enjoying the experience) but not especially swishy. But then fags come in many flavors.

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