Crunch Berries time

Today’s Zits, with Jeremy appreciating his job at Pipkin’s Fruit Market:


Well, Crunch Berries, but they’re still not actual berries (instead, balls of high-fructose corn syrup) — technically, food, but faux berries.

Crunch Berries came up last Thanksgiving, in a posting that has the package for the Quaker Oats cereal as image #2, plus information on the Cap’n Crunch line of breakfast cereals. I noted there that

the company is careful to tell us that the berries are imitation — this after a lawsuit turning on a complainant’s aggrieved astonishment that the “berries” weren’t real fruit, which the court didn’t credit, but still …

Oh, yes, Jeremy’s job. Here’s the Zits of 8/10/15, about Jeremy’s first day of work:


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