Foodnited States

Through Facebook friends, this entertaining Mental Floss piece, “All 50 States Reimagined as Food Puns” by Rebecca OConnell:


If you had to assign one piece of food to represent each state, which item would you pick? For the good people at Foodiggity [which can be followed on Instagram], the answer is whatever is punniest.

Armed with a set of state-shaped cookie cutters and a love of wordplay, the team set out to make each state out of a food. The series, called The Foodnited States of America, features all 50 states.

The project came about when Foodiggity founder Chris Durso’s young son suggested they make states out of food. Durso almost dismissed the idea, until his son added, “But what if they like had funny names like New Pork or New Jerky?” Durso understood the value of a good pun and took on the task of shoving mashed potatoes into metal shapes.

Some are straightfoward puns, some are straightforward portmanteaus, many are combinations.

A few more examples:

Pork Lo Maine, Arkanslaw, Swissconsin, Quinoashington, Rocky Rhode Island, Prosciutah, Pretzelvania, North Carolima Beans, Ryeoming, Georgianzola, Avocolorado, Piedaho, Nutellaware, Tunasee, Fishigan, South Dacocoa Puffs, New Spamshire

Two more photos, from the vegetable world:



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