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From GayStarNews on the 17th, in “Taylor Kitsch ‘had no idea about the whole AIDS epidemic’ before filming The Normal Heart: Actor plays closeted Wall Street executive in denial about having the disease” by Greg Hernandez:

‘I mean, look: I was born in ’81. I had no idea about the whole AIDS epidemic,’ the actor tellsVulture.

Social memory is surprisingly shallow. Events vanish with great speed. My studemts (in their 20s and 30s) know virtually nothing about the Vietnam War or the protests surrounding it. Then it turned out out that several acquaintances (in their 20s) knew essentially nothing about the AIDS epidemic — this after some emotional reminiscences from me.

Taylor Kitsch looking cute:

For a very different presentation of self, see this photo of a scruffilicious Taylor Kitsch (the last in the series).

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  1. maxvasilatos Says:

    recently meeting a young man (25) from Peru, i commented that my main knowledge of there is the Lima soccer stadium riot and i could see that he had not a clue what i was talking about

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