The penguin chronicles

(Not about language, but about penguins.)

I am showered with penguiniana. Some recent items, from Mary Ballard, Tim McDaniel, and Victor Steinbok.

From Mary, this cartoon from American Scientist:

This came in the mail, inside a penguin greeting card:

Diving off the edge.

From Tim, two framings of the same image:

and a sleeping penguin:

And from Victor, a number of images of an adult king penguin among a field of chicks in the south Atlantic, including these two:

Source here.

This one is from a Telegraph wildlife story.

Photographer David C Schultz named his shot “Penguin Day Care” because the adult is supervising the brown chicks playing in the stream.


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  1. Greg Lee Says:

    If I’m reading his flipper band correctly, your sleeping penguin is 96loz, who has a nebulous internet presence at For whatever interest that might have.

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