Casey in a bunny suit

(Vanishingly little of linguistic interest.)

It started with this photo of a male model cavorting in a bunny suit, posted on Facebook by Michael Palmer for the Easter holiday:


David Preston then identified the model as Casey L., a professional name for Casey Levens, from the MC2 Model Management lookbook for Miami; the shot is from a “Rabbit in a Hat” series shot by Scott Teitler for JÓN Magazine (“a specialist mens title based in London, UK”, according to its website).

David also supplied a steamy shot of Casey L. lookin’ lean, photo by Steve Burton:


More from “Rabbit in a Hat”: Casey L. grinning in the whole suit (#3); wielding the head and displaying his body (#4); in a front shot, mostly out of his costume (#5) — and then in a big bunny hop viewed from the rear, #1 above.




Happy Easter from fertility symbol Casey L.!

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