Whimsical Park

From several Facebook friends, a link to this FB group:

Giraffic Park is Northern California’s preeminent rescue service and habitat for giraffes. This page will feature Giraffic Park’s many inhabitants.

Yes, a piece of whimsy, with a silly pun on the name of the movie Jurassic Park — a pun that seems to have been made many times, as part of several different kinds of playfulness (including movies in which giraffes are crossed with tyrannosaurs and then escape from the parks to which they’ve been confined).

So far only one photo on the group’s page:


For some people, it’s penguins. Here it’s giraffes.

Meanwhile, on the RedBubble.com site, you can get all sorts of apparel and objects with this Giraffic Park logo (designed by TheQuirkyFace) on it:


The original:


One Response to “Whimsical Park”

  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Robert Coren on Facebook:

    This reminds me of a fantasy I had many years ago, of opening a restaurant that served house wine in long-necked containers; depending on how much you wanted, you could order a giraffe or a half-giraffe.‬

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