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From Jeanne Dusseault, a link to the eccentric webcomic Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn. The latest installment (headline: “The man is taking a shower”), of August 6th:


The conceit: The strip shows bulletins from Cat News, a program by and for cats — in particular, the three cats of Dunn’s household (Lupin, Puck, and Elvis). The cats view everything from their point of view, and the views of the humans in the household (known to the cats only as The Woman and The Man) are either irrelevant or inscrutable. Many cross-species failures of communication result, as in the fourth panel above, where Puck (the black cat) can’t understand why The Man stands in a closet to get clean when he has a perefectly good tongue.

In the cartoon above, the news is being announced by Elvis (a Siamese), while field reports come from the black cat Puck and the white cat Lupin.

Other recent headlines:

There’s a thunderstorm outside.
The spare room is filled with new cat furniture!
The Woman is sweeping the floor.
That cat [an interloper] is in the backyard AGAIN.
The People ordered a belly warmer.
A June bug got into the house.
The Woman is feeling under the weather.
There’s a hole in the wall we can’t reach, but need to catch.
The neighborhood is under attack!

I particularly like “A June bug got into the house” — an event that could only be hot Breaking News for cats.

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  1. Jeanne Dusseault Says:

    I’m particularly fond of “The People ordered a belly warmer!”

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