SemFest log

While I’m working on expanding this year’s Stanford SemFest handout a bit and putting it on my website, here’s a little history of my experience with this event:

SemFest 1, 2000: I attended but didn’t offer a paper

SemFest 2, 2001: “Counting Chad”, on the count/mass distinction in English, with special reference to chad, e-mail/email, and ice plant (link)

SemFest 3, 2002: “The said and the unsaid”, about material in the Atherton (CA) police blotter (link)

SemFest 4, 2003: no paper offered; I was attending Jacques as he died

SemFest 5, 2004: “Isolated NPs” (link)

SemFest 6, 2005: “Ideal types: peacocks, chameleons, and centaurs”, on categorization in general, and categorization of gay men in particular (link)

SemFest 7, 2006: no paper offered; I was at the Stanford Humanities Center

SemFest 8, 2007: in exchange for the previous year, two papers: “”Extris, extris”, on “extra is” constructions in English (link); AMZ and Douglas Kenter, “Avoid vagueness? The case of sentence-initial linking however” (link)

SemFest 9, 2008: “What to blame it on: Diathesis alternations, usage advice, “confusion”, and pattern extension” (link)

SemFest 10, 2009: “V + P~Ø” on transitive/intransitive alternations (link)

SemFest 11, 2010: “Brevity plus” on morphological conversions favoring semantic/pragmatic specificity and social specificity as well as brevity (link)

SemFest 12, 2011, handout (expanded) soon to come: “Categories and Labels: LGBPPTQQQEIOAAAF2/SGL …”

Clearly, the SemFest is important to me.

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