A Daily Jocks ad (for their underwear club, but featuring Pump! wear) from the 14th, with the man we know as Lukas (sometimes as Joe) in the Pump! Cruise Boxer (with pockets), in Pump!’s home town of Montréal:


And Lukas’s boyfriend Ken, doing a cock tease in his Pump! Touchdown Cruise Boxer (with a fly):


My caption for #1:

He boasted he was
Monosexual – “Only guys,
All the time” – not any kind of
Multisexual, but he was
Aggressively multicultural,
Multilingual, working in
Gay porn in several languages,
Hustling guys in many countries,
Lukas in Czech in his
Native land, Joe in English with his
Boyfriend Ken in San Francisco.
Eventually, proudly, Lukas everywhere:
Finland (for Helsinki Athletica),
Montréal (for Pump!), and he’s a damn good

The DJ ad copy for the Touchdown Cruise Boxer:

This varsity and surfer styled boxer will cause a huge splash wherever you go.

The PUMP! Touchdown Cruise boxer offers ultimate support and breathability with it’s athletic elastic trims and light body contouring fabrics. Its vivid blue, white, and neon orange color combination illuminates a provocatively playful and endearing aesthetic that makes this a true statement underwear that will take your normal everyday style to new, edgier horizons.

Ah, fly-front boxers with a provocatively playful and endearing aesthetic! Underwear that makes statements, possibly at press conferences, at the edgy horizon, where underwear performs in gay porn (“Mr. Touchdown Cruise, what’s your position on international pouch support?” “Who are you paired with in your forthcoming feature Jockstrapped!?”, “Any truth to the rumor you’re finally going to work with Ken in a short called Pocketman Does Flyboy in Greektown?”).

Previous history, starting with the 1/31/16 posting “Cruise jogger” (Joe and Kev), which gives us:

#1 darker Lukas/Joe in the Pump! Cruise Jogger (with pockets)

#2 blonder Kev (with a notable left-shoulder/arm tat) in his Pump! Cruise Jogger

#3 Lukas/Joe shirt-lifting in a neon green Shockwave Tank from Pump!

#4 Kev shirt-lifting in a dark blue Star Tank from Pump!

Then in 3/11/16, “Boxer in shorts”, Lukas as a boxer, in Helsinki Athletica shorts, with the story:

Lukas had a solid career doing
Gay porn in the Czech Republic — his
Muscular body, dark good looks,
Dominating presence, and high
Sex drive earned him a big
Fan following, among them a Finnish
Enthusiast in search of a model for his
Sportswear — so Lukas trekked North to
Craft a career in sporty shorts, and,
Sometimes, out of them.

Another shot from Lukas’s Finnish Period, showing him lounging muscularly in a different color short:


Mr. Multilingual is out of his boxing gear here because he’s been practicing his Greek, which is virtually flawless, right up there with Papi’s Spanish, Joe’s English, and Lukas’s Czech, Finnish, and (Canadian) French. (Ken is sexually pretty much totally adaptable, though inclined to the receptive side, but linguistically he’s almost exclusively an anglophone, though on occasion he’s willing to switch to his school French to please Joe/Lukas. Athletically, Ken is an exhibition-sports guy — swimming, diving, gymnastics, skating — a complete foil to powerfully agonistic Joe/Lukas, with his passion for boxing above all, but also wrestling, martial arts, and (gay) rugby; Ken loves to watch Joe sparring, all that grunting and hot sweat, but he’s uncomfortable with Joe’s actual bouts, which involve pain and, often, blood.)

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  1. Mike Says:

    These photos always remind me of what Steve Martin said after Gael García Bernal presented an award at the Oscars and regarding his masculine comeliness. “I’d do anything to look like that except eat right and exercise.”

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