In recent advertising news: from Adweek on the 11th, “Charmin Thinks Twice About Its ‘Asgard’ Joke, Even Though Twitter Loved It: Gone but not forgotten” by David Gianatasio:

(Hat tip to Victor Steinbok.)

First, Charmin cracks the Internet up with its potty humor. Then it wipes its Twitter clean.

On Friday, the toilet-paper brand squeezed out a triumphant movie-related pun—”We’ve always been an #Asgardian”—along with the image of a cartoon bear wearing a winged-helmet and brandishing TP as though it were Thor’s hammer. The titular character of Thor: The Dark World, which opened in theaters that very day, hails from Asgard, and Asgard sounds like “ass guard,” so most commenters were bowled over by the pithy poop-culture tie-in. However, the tweet was, alas, quickly and mysteriously flushed from the system. Does that make sense when the brand was so clearly on a roll? Well, the tweet’s disappearance keeps the story from stalling, so it just might be an example of brilliant marketing strategy we can all get behind.

The full story has even more toilet language play. It gets old very fast.

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