Seasons by de Chazal

Max Meredith Vasilatos has been sending me postcards with reproductions of Richard de Chazal artwork — extensively ornamented photographs, definitely homoerotic (though not X-rated), on the four seasons. I haven’t been able to create anything larger than tiny thumbnails, but these might give you the idea:

In order, from left to right: spring, summer, autumn, winter (#1-4).

The artist in a self-portrait, with his own blurb, verbatim, from his website:


Richard de Chazal is one of Australia’s most respected haute-couture designers, make-up artists, stylists and photographers. A member of the Australian design hall of fame and winner of numerous photographic, design and art awards, his lavish creations on the catwalks, in theatres, in the pages of magazines and calendars and on the walls of collectors globally have won him acclaim as well as outrage.

A self confessed anachronism – whilst exploring the boundaries of fashion and the archetypical symbols of beauty, sexuality and mythology – Richard’s work retains an air of mysterious nostalgia, heavily influenced by the collaborative works of Rackham, Dulac, Lord Leighton, Alma Tadema, Barbier and Gruau.

All de Chazal’s photography, including the fashion shoots, is extravagant, overheated. Earlier from him, on AZBlogX, some creations from his Zodiac series.

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