Lincoln Darwin Valentine Day

(Uncompromisingly raunchy references to male bodyparts and mansex, so absolutely not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Lincoln Darwin Valentine Day lies in the cleft between Lincoln Darwin Day, February 12th, and Valentine’s Day, February 14th. It is a day of unbridled mansexual excess, coming as it does between the high seriousness of the day that honors two towering figures — two Great Men — of the 19th century and the romantic heterosexual excesses of Valentine’s Day. It’s Carnal Carnival without reference to the religious calendar (actual Mardi Gras can fall any time between February 3rd and March 9th).

The symbol of LDVDay is a red or pink rose bud on its stem, standing simultaneously for a fat erect penis, flamingly engorged — alluding to cocksucking — and for a quivering anal rosette, wet with sexlube — alluding to assfucking.

(#1) In LDV rites, pornstar Angel Rock offers Aaron Shepard his famously big and fat pornstar cock (listed as 8.5″ on, 9″ elsewhere) — his meat  is off-camera in this shot, though the full image can be viewed as #3 on yesterday’s AZBlogX posting “Big dicks, sex roses, and Angel Rock” — and also a red rose, serving as a reinforcing symbol of that big dick (from the DominicFord video “Valentine’s Day Fuck”, from 2/14/13)

The two practices are celebrated, especially in public displays, in the rites of the day, which are at once solemn and weighty, and also ecstatic and transcendent.

The litany for the occasion is enormous and deeply moving. For instance, Psalm 45, “Full of grace are thy lips”:  (free paraphrase) Suck my dick, faggot! Eat it, cocksucker! Or Psalm 54, “An offering of a free heart will I give thee”: (free paraphrase) Oh fuck me fuck me fuck me, oh shit fuck me harder!, whispered, moaned, or shouted, as it moves the pedicant.

More on the Rock and the Shepard. (If you’re keeping track of the LDV roshambo game, in it Shepard sucks Rock and Rock fucks Shepard, so everybody wins. This is not a zero-sum game.)

(#2) Shepard treasures the rose, meanwhile performing a cocktease for us

Consummation, in two parts, with illustrations for the relevant text of the InvoLogue (“the Pervert’s Bible”):

(#3) “He is my Rock and salivation” (InvoPsalm 62, the Shepard’s Paean); full photo on AZBlogX

(#4) “Shepard, the fuck for all of you, serving willingly” (1 InvoPeter 5, the Proclamation of the Rock); unaltered photo, reproduced here because no penises are shown (Rock could just be standing behind Shepard, admiring the view, so I’m trusting that this will squeak through on WordPress — though it would not, of course, on Facebook)

[Sidenote: the anal rosette. From my 1/31/20 posting “Revisiting 41: roses for remembrance”:

Then in my 6/3/18 posting “The rose and the flames”, there’s a section on rose windows and their Christian symbolism; but also a section on the rose as a carnal symbol, quoting my posting from 8/29/13, “Kissing the rose”:

The rose — in particular, in the form of a rosette — appears frequently as a carnal symbol in pornographic writing, sometimes standing for the vagina but very frequently for the anus

(with examples, including a striking anal rosette from gay porn, in an AZBlogX posting). ]

[Sidenote: the photographer’s craft in porn. The DominicFord stills from “Valentine’s Day Fuck” are skillfully composed. The fitting together of the men’s bodies is beautifully represented (especially in the full shot in #3), and the models themselves are attractively posed, in ways that suggest something of their characters’ personas in the story, or perhaps the models’ more enduring porn personas (see below). From snippets of the film that I’ve viewed, it looks like the action is equally well done.

These are products of a complex collaboration between photographer, director, models, and various engineers, and when they’re well done, they’re quality works in a genre of popular functional art. There are admirable tv commercials, sitcoms, cartoons, film noir, horror movies, background music, comic routines, devotional songs, items of everyday clothing, household furnishings, and much much more, including several kinds of pornography. Things can be done crudely, or routinely, or with style. I do like to encourage people to look for style and craft in gay porn.

I intend to say a bit more along these lines when Angel Rock comes around again on this blog, in connection with big-dick flicks. And I hope to write at greater length on a set of fine Raging Stallion porn flicks centrally involving the models Damien Crosse and Steve Cruz (separately and together), with a view to their visual style, their narrative structure, and indeed their moral universe (all stories are moral stories, after all).]

[Sidenote: porn personas, and acting personas more generally. I’m just beginning to get a sense of Angel Rock. Here he is in the (dick-free) top half of the cover of his Big Fucking Dick DVD (one in a long series, featuring a parade of big-dicked pornstars):

(#5) From the AZBlogX posting: A Falcon compilation DVD, with Rock exhibiting a sweet little smile on the cover; he also smiles broadly, fairly often, and that’s quite charming. He’s nicely (but not extravagantly) muscled, and lightly furry: a dreamy Cubano. Meanwhile, there’s that bizarrely long and fat uncut dick, looming at us (to my mind, it’s astounding, but not especially beautiful — I have an aesthetic for such things — though it is nicely veined)

He’s billed as a versatile top, and he’s short, just 5´5″, but very nicely proportioned, all of which makes him one of my types, except for that alarming cock (in real life; though I can always fantasize having a heroically capacious pussy to match that dick thrust for thrust). So I need to investigate. (A writer’s work is never done.)

Meanwhile, from my 3/8/17 posting “In the West Wing”:

On acting personas. This is an idea that I have often blogged about in connection with porn flicks, as in these comments on pornstar Kevin Wiles and his

more enduring persona, his “porn persona”, if you will, that cuts across different roles and indeed, helps to determine which roles he’s offered and which ones he’s willing to accept and how he will realize any particular role

(A porn persona is just a special case of an acting persona, of course.)

[Mark] Feuerstein has already gotten a posting of his own here (on 7/21/15), mostly about his role on the tv series Royal Pains … His acting persona embraces an enormous amount of charm and a significant identity as a Jew. (For [Jimmy] Smits, it’s passionate intensity and a significant Hispanic identity. For [Marg] Helgenbarger, it’s unflappable toughness.)

LDVDay Lite. There are also light-hearted and playful approaches to the day’s celebration of the male body. As in my 2/13/19 posting “Captain of our fairy band”, with a Daily Jocks sale ad for Marco Marco Valentine’s Day homowear:

(#6) A heart-pattern brief with peek-a-boo cutouts, making it a half moon brief

Lincoln Darwin Valentine
Is a cutup friend of mine
Loves the boys with all his heart
Loves them hard in every part

And in this Daily Jocks ad for VDay this year, for a His & His Sale:

(#7) ad copy: VALENTINES SALE: BUY 2 ITEMS & GET 14% OFF. It’s time to treat that special person in your life.

That’s a DJX Trough jock, harness, and socks, all in red — trough as in for pigs. Little piggies. Crawling in the dirt.

Lincoln Darwin Day. Yesterday’s holiday, which turns on the fact that Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were both born on February 12th, 1809. This has led to attempts to explicitly compare and/or contrast the two great men, as in this book (from Wikipedia):


Lincoln and Darwin: Shared Visions of Race, Science, and Religion is a 2010 book by James Lander about the lives and views of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.

Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the same day, February 12, 1809. Both lost their mother at a young age and, despite their differences in upbringing, both men saw themselves as autodidacts. Lander argues that they also shared an interest in science and a skeptical approach to religion. Darwin closely followed the events of the American Civil War and wanted Lincoln and the Union to prevail, but it is unlikely that Lincoln read Darwin’s work.

Lincoln and Darwin is structured as a series of alternating narratives concerning each man’s interactions with the events and discoveries of the mid-19th century. Lander explores similarities in the intellectual development, concerns, and impacts of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin, focusing in particular on the issue of slavery in the United States, which both men influentially opposed.

The effort looks a bit strained, but intriguing. If only to make you think about Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin in more detail.

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