Not fully functional

Two recent mess-ups in my postings: my original comments on the latest One Big Happy (here), which crashingly missed the point of the strip, although that wasn’t subtle; and, going back a while, my labeling my new right hip the Platinum Wonder Hip, when in fact it turns out to be titanium. Different specific sources, though both errors probably go back to the circus of medical treatments.

In the OBH case, I was in the midst of several days of extremely deranged sleeping; I’d sleep for an hour, then get up and work through the middle of the night, until I fell inadvertently to sleep, and back to bed for a bit, etc., through cycles that went on day and night. I realize now that at some points during these fly-and-crash cycles, I wasn’t functioning at all well.

Possibly this had to do with my going off my hydrocodone meds, after many weeks. Things have stabilized, and last night I even returned to having weird linguistics-related dreams (crucial data I needed to take down — in my sleep! — so I could test it in the morning, but in the morning it’s all unretrievable). Hadn’t realized just how much I missed dreaming, and what a bad sign weeks of dreamless sleep might be.

The “platinum hip” thing is more complicated, since I fixed on this idea while I was still in the hospital, where life is constantly bewildering, people are endlessly popping in to leave advice or instructions and then disappearing, often never to be seen again, and trying to keep records of any of this is daunting.

I guess I liked the idea of platinum (a platinum credit card is better than a gold credit card, right?) and just went with it. Then a couple of days ago I started organizing the piles of paper that had accumulated from the beginning of the hip saga — and pored over my surgeon’s instructions in a pre-operative seminar, long ago. There it was, the slide listing the main components of the hip as *titanium*, clear as anything.

So officially it’s the Titanium Wonder Hip (Titanium the King of the Fairies, in a Midwinter Night’s Dream?).

Hoping not to find too much more evidence of my incompetence during the weeks of treatment.


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