In my many postings on (mostly men’s) underwear, there’s a theme about underwear that’s not really credible as functional underclothing; it’s for displaying the body and exciting the viewer, and you’d expect it to be worn with as few other, possibly distracting or concealing, garments as possible. I’ve come to talk about these items of apparel as pornwear. (The term has been used by others, but with reference to clothing that merely accentuates the sexy bits or comes with racy images or slogans. Pornwear, in my sense, has no real function beyond erotic display, as crudely as possible.)

The people at Titan Media have taken pornwear to new heights, to garments that you can’t imagine being worn under anything — while blatantly showing off cocks (or asses). This stuff goes beond totally revealing leather (though Titan specializes in that too). It’s pure pornwear. On my X blog today, a posting about a recent Titan flick that clothes most of its cast in pure pornwear, with links to three earlier postings in the same vein, plus an extra shot of pornstar Spencer Reed in a shiny black vinyl pornwear number.

Very much not for the kiddies.

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