More shaker phallicity

(Mostly on artifactual phallicity.)

From Steven Levine on Facebook, found on eBay, a pair of



Steven’s comment:

It must have been a more innocent era. These are described as “a peachy shade of pink”. Um, yeah sure.

Thanks to Steven, we’ve been in the phallic shaker zone before — back on 11/16/10, in “Phallicity: the salt/pepper shaker” on AZBlogX, about this shaker that Steven found and gave to me:


(More or less ivory in color — extraordinarily pallid for an actual penis.)

My comment at the time:

Steven and I spent a little time wondering whether this object (with a glans and foreskin) could have been innocently intended. Probably it was. It’s marked on the base “LAPIN MADE IN U.S.A.”, which enabled me to find it on the net, though in a more startling, [even] less human, color [orange] — offered on an antiques and collectibles site (here) for $9.95:


Two comments: all these phallic shakers are totally vertical, which gave one commenter on Facebook pause; and (#1) is a matched pair, making you wonder whether they’re a gay couple.

Verticality. Lawrence Rosenbaum (an internist at Dominican Medical Foundation, in Santa Cruz CA, so this is a considered medical opinion):

As I look at the tops very carefully, it is cleart to me that the models on which these were based must have created a very messy bathroom walls and driven their girlfriend/wife crazy with the splatter….

Well, I’m something of an expert on the public presentation of the male body, especially in gay porn, and I can tell you that the “upstanding” display of the erect penis is very common in certain contexts. In particular, when a gay porn flick is released by one of the big studios (Falcon, Titan, Lucas, etc.), the back cover of the DVD usually has a set of full-frontal displays of the actors in it, all displaying their hard dicks. Verticality — with the penis positioned in a way that no man would piss from (unless he actually intended to piss on himself, which does sometimes happen) — is all over the place. Many examples on AZBlogX. For instance, for the Titan film Close Up (posting here), all six cast members are shown with upstanding dicks; while for the Titan compilation of David Anthony scenes, four of the nine men have upstanding dicks, the others having some variety of out-jutting displays.

(Other Titan compilations I have yet to post about: for the Damien Crosse compilation, five of the eight men have upstanding dicks, two right up against their bellies, while two are doing out-jutting displays, and one is holding his dick straight down; for the Marco Blaze DVD, eight of the eleven men are straight up, two at half-mast, and one out; and for the Dean Flynn DVD, it’s four up and four out, though Flynn himself, displaying out on the back cover, is solidly up on the front cover, almost against his belly.)

So maybe we can just take the shakers in #1 to represent typical pornstars, who are up for display, but piss down like other men.

Queerness. At this point, we can wonder whether the models for the shakers in #1 did in fact have girlfriends or wives (as Rosenbaum assumed), or whether they were gay lovers, with nicely matched dicks. (This does happen, though not as often as you might think, the variability in penis properties being huge.) Hmm, those shakers do look awfully intimate. Maybe they’re up for one another.


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  1. Steve Says:

    I have a red set of the Lapin, like the ivory one. The pepper shaker has slightly larger holes. They do look very phallic. So far this is the only complete set I have seen.

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