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Today is the third and last day of the IvanFest at Stanford (Structure and Evidence in Linguistics, a conference honoring Ivan Sag). A slideshow of Ivan photos goes by before the sessions begin and in breaks. My favorite:

This shows Gazdar, Klein, Pullum, and Sag, in alphabetical order from left to right, in (I think) 1984, while they were finishing the manuscript of:

Gerald Gazdar, Ewan Klein, Geoffrey Pullum & Ivan Sag, Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar. Basil Blackwell, 1985.

— looking for all the world (except for that computer) like a reasonably well-behaved rock group on an album cover.

And then CSLI Publications at Stanford broke out the new book:

Philip Hofmeister & Elisabeth Norcliffe (eds.), The Core and the Periphery: Data-Drive Perspectives on Syntax Inspired by Ivan A. Sag.

with an introductory essay by Hofmeister & Norcliffe  and contributions by  Jason Merchant, Philip Miller & Geoffrey K. Pullum, Annie Zaenen & Lauri Karttunen, Dan Flickinger & Thomas Wasow, Elizabeth Coppock, Stephen Wechsler, Dan Flickinger, Emily M. Bender & Alex Lascarides, Jonathan Ginzburg, Anne Abeillé & Danièle Godard & Jean-Marie Marandin, Paul Kay, Rui P. Chaves, Laura Staum Casasanto, Philip Hofmeister & Elisabeth Norcliffe, Philip Hofmeister, and Joanna Nykiel.

5 Responses to “The album cover”

  1. John Coleman Says:

    Is that an Atari? And what’s Gerald got on his shirt?

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    On viewing this photo yesterday, Geoff said, “I can’t believe we were ever that young” — my reaction as well.


    That’s exactly how I remember my undergrad adviser (Ivan).

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