Taking the third

Newton’s third, that is. In the most recent ad from Daily Jocks:

Action – Reaction

In Beefcake 101 at Underwear Model U., Arthur
Mastered the one-armed pitsntits presentation, but
Nobody explained that it flattened one pec and
Expanded the other: To every action there is an
Opposite and equal reaction.

The ad is entitled “Happy Ending”, with a double entendre the DJ people have used before — in the ad in this 6/26 posting (which has a discussion of happy ending).

The caption takes some liberties with Newton’s Third Law of motion.

As for pitsntits, this is a compressed variant of pits ‘n’ tits, the name of a body display discussed on AZBlogX first in 2010 (in “Pits ‘n’ Ttts: the collage essay”) and then carried over to this blog, first in a 2010 posting (“Gay flags”). Many illustrations of the display, both two-sided and one-sided, on both blogs — on this blog, most recently on 9/3/14, showing Jordan Scott doing the one-sided variant.

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