Not the prettiest stallion in the stable

(Not about language, but about holidays, advertising, and gay pornstars.)

In my e-mail for the Fourth of July weekend, porn studio Channel 1 Releasing’s patriotic ad (“Red White & Tattooed”) for this year:

Aside from the ridiculousness of the ad — something you expect in porn ads for holiday sales, and often a trigger for giggles — the model looks druggy and disheveled, and I’m put off by the pistol tattooed on his right hip. These things are a matter of taste; still, I judge this lad to be not the prettiest stallion in the stable.

3 Responses to “Not the prettiest stallion in the stable”

  1. bstewart27 Says:

    Needs a spanking, I think.

  2. Brian M Says:

    “Is that a gun on your buttock, or you just hap- oh, never mind…”

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