Their hearts were young and gay

(Not about language.)

Another item in my searches through the photographic records of Ann Daingerfield (Zwicky): this photo of her, young, gorgeous, and adventurous, about to sail off on RMS Mauretania in 1957 on her way to France for her junior year abroad.

The Mauretania 2:

RMS Mauretania was launched on 28 July 1938 at the Cammell Laird yard in Birkenhead, England and was completed in May 1939. A successor to RMS Mauretania (1906), the second Mauretania was the first ship built for the newly formed Cunard White Star company following the merger in April 1934 of the Cunard and White Star lines. [It was retired in 1965.] (link)

This was the Sweet Briar Junior Year in France program; Ann was then at William and Mary, and her companion in the program (my daughter’s godmother) was at Bryn Mawr. So there’s a connection to Skinner & Kimbrough’s Our Hearts Were Young and Gay,

… the title of a book by actress Cornelia Otis Skinner and journalist Emily Kimbrough, published in 1942. The book presents a description of their European tour in the 1920s, when they were fresh out of college from Bryn Mawr.

… The book was made into a motion picture in 1944, and was dramatized by Jean Kerr in 1946.

A traveling company performed an abbreviated version of the play at my high school in, I think, 1956. I loved it, though I mostly remember the young women’s problems with bedbugs.

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  3. Paul Says:

    By the Bye, I sailed aboard this ship as a deckhand in ’65. She was in her tropical green kit by then on the Naples New York run.

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