Two portmanteaus in the mail

Two portmanteaus in my mail: a hybrid animal (not new on this blog, but offered here because I now have a really adorable photo) and yet another way of referring to the male anus viewed as a sexual organ.

zonkey. This recent story, here from Good Morning America (passed on to me by Victor Steinbok yesterday): “Rare Italian-born Baby Zonkey in Good Health” by Jon M. Chang:

One part zebra, one part donkey, all parts fuzzy and adorable. Ippo, the foal of a male zebra and a female donkey, was reported to be in good health, just a few days after it was born at an animal reserve in Florence, Italy.

The story of Ippo’s birth reads like the equine equivalent of a romance novel. The father is a zebra that was adopted by the animal reserve after he was rescued from a failing zoo. The mother is a Donkey of Amiata, an endangered animal species.

Even though a fence separated the two animals at the animal reserve, the zebra climbed over and mated with the donkey, producing Ippo. Serena Aglietti, one of the employees at the reserve, said in a statement, “Ippo is the only one of her kind in Italy.”

Zonkeys made a brief appearance in this blog earlier this year, in connection with the portmanteau Marabomber:

Marabomber is a telescoping portmanteau, abbreviating the compound N Marathon bomber. Other portmanteaus are related to copulative compounds;

In some cases, the combination of referents is akin to chemical compounding: a nectaplum [‘nectarine plum’] (here) isn’t both a nectarine and a plum, but a hybrid of the two (similarly, tigons and ligers, etc. here). (link)

The second link is to a posting by Ben Zimmer on animal hybrids:

In modern times, when new animal hybrids are engineered by interbreeding, they are often given name-blends: the offspring of a male lion and female tiger is a liger, the offspring of a male tiger and female lion is a tigon, the offspring of a male zebra and female donkey is a zedonk or zonkey, and so forth. The earliest such interbred name-blend that I’m aware of is cattalo, a cattle-buffalo hybrid dating to 1888 (now [superseded] by beefalo). (link)

mangina. Commenting on my man pussy posting, Mike Thomas noted the portmanteau mangina (man + vagina) as yet another alternative to the ones I listed in that posting for the meaning, ‘male anus viewed as a sexual organ’. (I thought I’d posted on mangina already, but apparently not.)

Occurrences of mangina in this sense seem to be few, even in gay porn, and mostly jocular, and there are competing uses of the word — in particular, two senses in which a man can have a vagina. First, there’s the case of Buck Angel, “the man with a pussy”, shown in a photo (#8) in an AZBlogX posting:

Angel is a FTM transsexual who chose not to have genital surgery, so has an intact vagina (while being otherwise highly masculine in appearance and behavior). Angel’s man pussy really is a pussy.

Put in other words, Angel’s mangina really is a vagina.

Then there’s the Mangina Man, who underwent penile inversion. In his own words:

Did you ever fantasize about a real bio man (not an Female To Male transsexual) having a vagina?  I was born male with a 9 inch cock that I had surgically inverted to create a “Mangina” in 1988. I am not a female with a vagina who is disguising her true sex to appear male, but I am a real natal/genetic man with a totally UNREAL FAKE pussy.  My tight, wet, juicy, self-lubricating pussy tastes like cock and balls, because in reality it IS cock and balls, just rearranged.  And I still cum like any other dude — the internal ejaculatory plumbing is all the same.  Also, for those who are wondering, it still smells like male genitalia and not like female. (link)

(I hope very much that he wasn’t born with a 9-inch cock. That’s a sentence that cries out for rewriting.)


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