AZBlogX compendium

My last compendium of postings on my X Blog seems to have been on August 17th (here). Since then, a number of sets of photos passed on to me by Chris Ambidge, preceded by two other postings. The list, with brief comments. (Remember that this is (mostly) an X-rated site.)

8/24/12: The cocksucker’s gaze (link): the title says it all: what to do with your eyes while you’re taking care of business

9/9/12: Nighthawks X (link): an X-collage taking off from Edward Hopper’s painting

9/15/12: Naked protest (link): a set of photos of Spanish firefighters protesting via public nudity

9/15/12: An assortment (link): six assorted photos from Chris Ambidge, rear view and frontal

10/11/12: The spooge chronicles (link): three cum-face photos, illustrating the symbolic value of semen for gay men

10/11/12: Two on a rail, three on a snuggle bed (link): two group photos

10/22/12: More kilties (link): a set of men in kilts, exposing themselves inadvertently (or not)

10/22/12: Back to front (link): carefully composed butt shot; photo celebrating foreskins (with notes on slang)


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